Jason Stasyszen

My life and experience.

My Story

If you want to hire me as a designer/webmaster, I feel like it’s important you know some of my story. I’ve always been drawn to creativity. Besides web and graphic design, I am a musician who has recorded and released several worship music albums. I grew up in Oklahoma before moving to Juneau, Alaska for about twelve years to help with and eventually pastor a church there. I returned to Oklahoma with my family in the summer of 2013 where I am still involved in music and ministry as well as designing websites.

I married my wife in 1999 and we have four amazing children who challenge and inspire us every day. Our lives are centered on God and family, which is why I particularly love helping and working with churches however I am able.

Work Experience

I have a BA in English Education from Family of Faith College. I have done work as diverse as full-time pastoring to mystery shopping for McDonald’s. Over the past twelve years, I have created and maintained websites for churches, businesses, ministries, community organizations, blogs, and state government. My passion is seeing your unique web potential realized whether you’re a business, blog, ministry, or anything else.

I spent over two years as webmaster for a large division within the State of Alaska, which significantly opened up my training and helped to hone my abilities and knowledge base. Since beginning my own design and webmaster business, I have continued learning and growing with enthusiasm to help others achieve their goals through communication online.