Over the last months I’ve had an increasing number of issues with my invoicing and support software that I’ve hosted on my site for several years now. In a continued effort to serve you to the best of my ability, I decided to employ the help of some outside services: Freshdesk and Freshbooks.

I was unable to import all the old invoices into this new system, but I will continue to make them available for the time being in case there are any you need to print or have for yourself. Due to this switch, I can no longer use the Quicken payment method some choose, but there is a PayPal option that does the same thing. You enter your bank account and it will do an ACH transaction for you.

The support solution is the more exciting part! In the past months, the old software has lost tickets you’ve submitted and been a pain in general. This new option couldn’t be any simpler.

You can submit a ticket for any issues you have by using any of these options:

  • Send an email to support@spark2flame.com and a new ticket will automatically be created
  • You can write something on the business Facebook page and it will add a ticket
  • And if you want the old fashioned route, you can logon to spark2flame.freshdesk.com and see all the tickets you’ve submitted and your status

Having these systems in place will hopefully allow me to serve you in a faster and more efficient manner. If you have any questions about any of this, please let me know!

The last thing I need to update you on is our new address. If you send checks or payments by mail, please send them to 1009 Jefferson Circle, Shawnee, OK 74801. 

Thanks so much for your business!