Frequently Asked Questions

Which plan is right for me?

Only you know what your specific needs are, but if you would like a free consultation and proposal, just contact me here. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what you want or need until we can talk about it. Your budget is obviously a real concern, but I want to ensure you get the final product you’re after as well.

It may seem like a lot of money per month, but quality websites can cost into the thousands of dollars and after they’re designed you’re often on your own or have to pay exorbitant fees to make even minor changes. I know websites evolve over time. Your priorities or needs for functionality can shift and you may not have seen certain things at the beginning of the process. This is why I build monthly support and changes into your package. If you’re still unsure what you need, please feel free to contact me here.

What if I already have a site and just want to spruce it up?

Unfortunately, it’s too difficult and time-consuming to try to clean up existing sites, but I will produce a brand new one by working with you and assessing your needs and wants. If you have content from an existing site, I can help migrate it to the new one as well as move your hosting and/or domain registration so that I can administrate it all for you with minimal hassle. In the end, I feel like you and I will both get a better product by taking a fresh look at your site and producing something of which we can both be proud.

How much money do I have to have upfront?

Many companies require half of the total fee upfront and then the remainder when work is complete. Since I see this as an ongoing process, I’ve made it so that I will begin work as soon as we have a contract and the first month’s fee paid. This makes me either very trusting or very stupid (I’ve certainly been both), but I wanted to ensure that just because an individual, business, or ministry doesn’t have a large sum of money set aside, they can still have a quality site that’s both functional and engages their audience.

What if I think of changes I want made two months after the initial design phase is over?

This is the beauty of Spark2Flame’s process. One of the reasons I started this business was that I had friends who were stuck with out-of-date and nonfunctional sites because it was too expensive to go back and make changes. Besides that, the system was so complicated that it was hard to update things manually. By entering a monthly contract with me, I will not only give you your initial design time, but every month you have an amount of time where I will work with you on changes, additions, or other such needs.

How can you specifically help churches?

If you read my bio page, you know I was a pastor for years and continue to be in ministry today. This gives me a unique position as I’ve researched and studied what a church website needs for both personal and professional reasons. I can help a church get a calendar of events set up; start a mailing list for news and updates; assist with crafting content and much more.

Another key for church websites is an area for sermons. For small churches, the Basic package provides storage for a selection of 3-5 sermons on your sermon page that I will change every six months or so when you ask. For churches using the Advanced package, there is storage for a monthly sermon to be uploaded and I will help to train someone to do this. For those wanting weekly sermons available, the Premium package provides that storage capability and I can train someone in your church on how to produce and upload those every week.

I am definitely committed to churches and ministries. If you have any questions or other needs you feel need to be addressed, please contact me.

Do I have to have my domain name already?

If you have a domain name, we can either use your existing service or transfer it over to my own so that I can administrate it for you. If you don’t have a domain name yet, it’s no problem. I can help you think about what would be best and search to see what’s available.

Do you provide logo services?

I do not necessarily create logos, but I can create a header image for you if you do not have a logo already. For those in the Premium package without a logo, I have a professional service that will aid in logo creation if you do not already have one (this is included in the price).

What is a CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System. It’s simply a way to handle and process the information your website contains. I use WordPress exclusively because it’s easy for clients to use and incredibly versatile in terms of design and functionality. If you have other questions about WordPress, you can visit their website,

Ready to get a great website?

Plans and Pricing

Jason designed our church website for us. We were so excited to see it up and running. He did an outstanding job and really worked with me giving us all the design features we asked for. He is so patient and is quick to answer my questions and continues to keep our site running smoothly. I can’t say enough good things about his professionalism and web expertise.

Janet Bowen

Co-Pastor, Life Giving Church

I recently used Spark2Flame for website design. I met with the company initially and put together a rough draft of what I was looking for. Jason was exceptionally easy to work with. He sent me several rough drafts as the website was in progress to ensure that I was happy with the final result. He communicated very efficiently and worked in a very timely manner. I couldn’t be more happy with the end result of the website. It was exactly what I was hoping it would be. I would recommend this company to anyone else looking to build and design a website.

Mark Hennen

Minister, Reaching Refugees