Management and Support


What about after the site’s running?

I believe this is one of the most important questions to ask when looking into web design and webmaster services. Though it is certainly part of the equation, I don’t like the term ‘management’ because a good site is supposed to grow and evolve with the needs of both visitors to the site and the organization itself. You will receive regular maintenance of your database, all plugins associated with your site, back-ups, and spam removal, but the continued development is what makes my services priceless.

Many services I’ve looked at promise a dedicated account manager for a limited period of time after the site is operational (usually around a month), but are you really going to have a full sense of everything you need or how things will function within the first month? As important as we all know it is, I also know my clients are busy people and have many other tasks to attend to besides a website. This is why I provide you with development services throughout the life of your contract. You can see how things work, change what doesn’t, and grow with your preferences and needs. Spark2flame is here to support you in your goals.

What’s a Content Management System (CMS)?

A CMS is the part of your site that allows publishing, editing, and modifying content as well as some functions of site maintenance from a central page. In addition, it provides a greater ability for users to manage site and other work flow in a collaborative environment.

I use WordPress to accomplish this. It’s currently the most popular CMS on the Internet and for good reason. It has been developed and is maintained by a community of tens of thousands of developers and programmers. WordPress will continue to keep up with the trends and developments of the Web itself. With minimal training and the same ease as using your favorite email client, you can keep your visitors, associates, and everyone else updated on the latest news and information without having to go through someone else for these simpler tasks. This increases your flexibility and keeps costs down.

What about Search Engines?

Everyone wants their best place on the biggest search engines and that’s why I use themes where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is built right in. We can put in as many keywords and meta-tags as you like and I’ll help you craft a simple statement about the site that will get noticed and not rejected by the search engines. There is a lot of consideration with SEO, but I’m here to help with my knowledge and experience.

What if I need help?

To begin, I will give you the training and time you need to be successful with your online endeavors. I am available via email or cell phone at all times (with very little exceptions) whenever you need help. Most requests from clients are responded to, if not completed, within 24-48 hours.

Besides initial site set up of sites, I have helped and trained clients in uploading and maintaining a sermon database, creating a mailing list, starting blogs, created forums, and more. The point is, I can help you get the product you want without your having to consume large quantities of time.